'Captive State' Trailer: It's Time To Revolt Against Our Alien Oppressors

We live in a world constantly struggling against war, famine, crime, disease and disasters. But what if our first contact with an alien race came with the promise of saving humanity from all these woes? How much would we be willing to sacrifice in order to survive? That's exactly the question that the new sci-fi thriller Captive State asks, and the answer is a complicated one.

Watch the new Captive State trailer below to see what we're dealing with here.

Captive State Trailer

This new Captive State trailer finally gives us a much better idea of the story at the center of the film from Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt. It's essentially a reverse District 9 situation where instead of the government suppressing the aliens who have arrived on Earth, these outer space visitors have offered their "assistance" in helping humanity deal with the various crises facing our society.

However, as the title implies, this safety comes with a sacrifice of freedom and liberty, turning humanity into the oppressed species on our own planet. And that doesn't sit well with a rebel group known as The Phoenix.

Moonlight star Ashton Sanders leads the film as one of the young revolutionaries trying to fight against this oppressive alien state and the organization known as The Legislature that keeps them in power. John Goodman plays one of the middle men trying to stop this revolution from harming what he sees as a good thing for the people of Earth. The rest of the cast includes Jonathan Majors, Colson Baker, Vera Farmiga and more.

If you'd like to know more about the oppressive alien overseers, known as The Legislature, this piece of information provides some background on the setting of the story in Captive State:

Captive State - The Legislature

This comes from a website about The Legislature that has clearly been partially hacked by The Phoenix, hoping to spark a bigger revolution against these mysterious alien creatures who are only glimpsed a few times in the trailer. You can check out more at the viral website for The Legislature right here.

The social commentary in this movie feels a little heavy-handed, but that hasn't kept me from being intrigued by this premise and looking forward to seeing what Rupert Wyatt does with the script that he wrote with Erica Beeney, who worked on the Project Greenlight script The Battle of Shaker Heights.

Captive State hits theaters on March 29, 2019.