Trailer Round-Up: 'An Acceptable Loss', 'The Last Man', 'Blue My Mind', 'The Quake', 'A Madea Family Funeral', 'Astral', 'When Jeff Tried To Save The World'

You want trailers? Folks, we've got trailers for miles. We have so many trailers that you better watch your step, because you might trip over them. It's crazy how many trailers we have! With such an abundance of movie trailers clogging up the place, we have no choice but to take extreme measures: a trailer round-up. Yes, we've risked our lives to gather all of these trailers in one place, for you. It wasn't easy, but this is our job, and we take pride in it. Below, check out trailers for An Acceptable LossThe Last Man, Blue My MindThe QuakeA Madea Family FuneralAstral and When Jeff Tried to Save the World.

An Acceptable Loss

Hot off her acclaimed work in Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis co-stars in An Acceptable Loss, a political thriller about "a former government official who finds herself a target when she contemplates revealing the secrets that lead to a decisive but controversial military victory." The film stars Tika Sumpter as that aforementioned former official, Elizabeth "Libby" Lamm. The picture hails from director Joe Chappelle, who directed Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers – one of the many Halloween films that doesn't feature Curtis. This trailer is a little too visually murky for my tastes – turn a light on, someone – but I'm always happy to see Curtis working. An Acceptable Loss opens in theaters and VOD January 18, 2019.

She was the ultimate patriot. Now, what she knows could bring down the government. Libby Lamm (Tika Sumpter) is a former top national security advisor who, while working with Rachel Burke (Jamie Lee Curtis), a ruthless, steely-willed political veteran, signed off on a controversial military action that was supposed to end the war on terror. The problem: thousands died under false pretenses. Haunted by what she knows, Libby sets out to tell the truth, risking treason—and her own life—to expose a cover-up that stretches all the way to the highest levels of government. This gripping saga of lies, conspiracy, and betrayal is an explosive look at what it takes to do the right thing—even if that means going up against your own country.

The Last Man

Look out, First Man – here comes The Last Man. This sci-fi action film stars Hayden Christensen (remember him?) as Tov Matheson, "a war veteran with post traumatic stress disorder who perceives that the end of the world is coming. After establishing a relationship with a dubious Messiah, he leaves his normal life to begin the construction of a shelter underground and trains himself, in an extreme way, at the cost of everything in his life. When he also believes the Messiah, something extraordinary happens." Harvey Keitel also stars, and it's always fun to see him pop-up. This kind of looks like an action-movie remake of Take Shelter. Make of that what you will! The Last Man arrives January 18, 2019.

Blue My Mind 

Blue My Mind (I see what you did there, movie title) focuses on a 15-year-old girl who begins going through changes. But these aren't the typical body changes teenagers go through. She's actually turning into a mermaid. This is basically the plot of Teen Wolf or Ginger Snaps, but instead of a werewolf, the main character is a were-mermaid (is that even a thing?). At least that sounds different than your normal body-horror movie. Blue My Mind is now available on VOD.

15-year-old Mia and her parents move to the suburbs of Zürich. While Mia plunges into a wild teenager existence, her body begins to change oddly. First hardly noticeably, but then with a force that threatens to drive her out of her mind. Mia's transformation progresses inexorably, and she turns into the being which has slumbered within her for years... and is now gaining the upper hand.

The Quake

Norway can't catch a break. First, there was The Wave, about a giant tidal wave destroying everything in its path. Now here comes its sequel, The QuakeThe Wave star Kristoffer Joner returns once again as geologist Kristian Eikjord, who this time has to deal with a massive earthquake. The Wave was good – it took a more dramatic, grounded approach to the material than most American disaster pics. I personally hope they turn this into an entire series. Maybe the next film can be called The Wind or something like that. The Quake shakes up theaters and On Demand starting December 14, 2018.

In 1904 an earthquake with a 5.4 magnitude on the Richter scale shook Oslo. Its epicenter was in the Oslo Rift which runs directly through the Norwegian capital. There are recorded quakes from the rift on a daily basis and geologists cannot be sure, but arguments indicate that we can expect major future earthquakes in this area. When – nobody can say for certain – but we know that the density of people and infrastructure in Oslo is significantly more vulnerable today than in 1904.

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral

Tyler Perry is bringing his popular character Madea back yet again for A Madea Family Funeral. Here, "a joyous family reunion turns into a hilarious nightmare as Madea and the crew travel to backwoods Georgia and unexpectedly plan a funeral, which threatens to reveal sordid family secrets." This is the eleventh (whoa) and allegedly final Madea movie. As always, Perry writes, directs, produces and stars. Look for A Madea Family Funeral on March 1, 2019.


In Astral, "a detached university student faces the consequences of astral projection when he uses it to reconnect with his dead mother." Hey, we've all been there, right? Astral stars Frank Dillane of Fear the Walking Dead, along with Vanessa Grasse, Catherine Steadman, and Darwin Shaw. This trailer makes Astral look somewhat promising. At the very least, it has a nice atmosphere to it. That counts for something. Astral is now projecting itself on VOD.

Coming to terms with the explanation of his mother's untimely death, Alex turns to spiritual contact after the relationship with his father breaks down. As a student of metaphysics, Alex learns of the "scientific" premise of astral projection-the ability to project your spirit into an unseen spatial dimension. Attempting to astral project, Alex becomes plagued by shadow spirits-malevolent entities vying to enter his body to access our world. Alex soon learns that he is not the only member of his family to have been besieged by such beings, as his mother's dark past is brought to his attention.

When Jeff Tried to Save the World

Remember When Jeff Tried to Save the World? That was very nice of him. Thanks, Jeff! Actually, When Jeff Tried to Save the World is the name of a new indie comedy about a guy trying to save a bowling alley. Jon Heder (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) stars as Jeff, with a cast including Candi MiloJim O'HeirAnna KonkleMaya ErskineBrendan MeyerSteve Berg, and Richard EsterasWhen Jeff Tried to Save the World is now on VOD.

Jeff (Jon Heder) is the manager of an old-school bowling alley called Winky's World. Everyday he is the first to arrive and the last to leave. He has memorized the shoe sizes of community regulars and the quirks of his fellow employees. Routine is Jeff's middle name, and it's up to him to keep everything and everyone in order. When his boss Sheila (Candi Milo) tells him that her soon-to-be ex-husband is selling Winky's, he takes matters into his own hands. In hopes of sparking nostalgia within Carl, Jeff throws a party at the bowling alley in homage to its opening celebration.