This Is Probably The Only Top 25 Movies Of 2018 Video You'll Need

We're coming up on the end of year and that means film critic David Ehrlich has put together another video to countdown what he deems as the Top 25 Movies of 2018. We've been following his carefully edited videos for a few years now, and while Ehrlich's taste may not be for everyone, we simply can't deny that he meticulously puts together these year-end videos with a passion for cinema and a love for storytelling. So which movies made the cut this year? Find out below.

David Ehrlich's Best Movies of 2018

What's great about watching this video is that it focuses on some of the most beautiful and significant moments from these movies that stuck with Ehrlich and resulted in their landing on this list. In fact, if you'd like to know a little more about how this list came together and why these movies were the best according to Ehrlich, he has a full write-up over at IndieWire that provides some more details and impressions.

My taste consistently differs from David Ehrlich, who often finds himself attracted to arthouse cinema and foreign film fare. And while I've found myself to love plenty of the movies he does at the end of a given year, I also find myself discovering a few titles that fell under my radar over the year. If anything, maybe you'll seek out some of these movies and broaden your horizons a little bit. It's always good to venture out of your comfort zone, even if you learn that your tastes still don't align with someone else's.