'Wreck-It Ralph 3' Might Not Happen, But John C. Reilly Has An Idea For It

Ralph Breaks the Internet is on track to have one of the biggest Thanksgiving opening weekends of all time, so you might think that a Wreck-It Ralph 3 will be a given at Walt Disney Animation, right? Not necessarily.

In a new interview, directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston explain that the story of video game characters Ralph and Vanellope may have come to a natural conclusion in the second film, which hits theaters this week. But star John C. Reilly has a goofy idea to keep things going in a potential Wreck-It Ralph 3.

I won't spoil any major specific details from Ralph Breaks the Internet, but if you'd like to go into the new sequel without knowing anything about it, you're probably better off bookmarking this and coming back to read it after you've seen the film. In other words, light spoilers ahead.

In a new interview with ComicBook, Johnston explained that he thinks that Wreck-It Ralph (the voice of John C. Reilly) and his pint-sized racer best friend Vanellope Von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman) have reached a point where their story no longer needs to continue.

"I feel good about where they're at [by the end of Ralph Breaks the Internet]. I mean, you could envision like plot things where something gets screwed up and they have to reconnect to fix it. But in terms of it being a story of maturation for Ralph? ... The internet represents the sort of adult phase of their life. And I think Ralph at the end, has matured where he is comfortable in his skin and he will make friends and he and Vanellope will still hang out. And Vanellope is just coming of age, she's just finding that thing that makes her passionate."

Ralph Breaks the Internet is only the third canonical theatrical sequel that Walt Disney Animation has ever done, so while a sequel might seem inevitable, Disney hasn't been as hot on sequels as the team over at Pixar. And having seen Ralph Breaks the Internet, it's easy to agree with the directors here: it feels like the characters have finished a complete arc and grown on their journey, so unless Johnston and Moore are struck with a once-in-a-lifetime idea for bringing them back, they should probably leave this franchise where it is.

Meanwhile, John C. Reilly spoke with the Toronto Sun and gave an answer about what a possible Wreck-It Ralph 3 could be about:

"Where does he go from here? Maybe satellites? Now that he and his pal Vanellope can get themselves into the Internet, why wouldn't they beam themselves right out into space," he says, laughing. "Why wouldn't they go to the Hubble telescope and break that?"

Whether it's Friday the 13th, Leprechaun, James Bond, or Fast & Furious, it seems like space is regularly thrown out there as an idea for a location that will mix up an on-going franchise. Will we see Wreck-It Ralph 3: Ralph Breaks the Atmosphere in the next decade? I guess that at least partially depends on how much money Ralph Breaks the Internet pulls in at the box office.