Google Play Store Will Make All Movie Rentals 99 Cents On Thanksgiving, Giving You The Perfect Excuse To Ignore Your Family

There are two ways to enjoy Thanksgiving. You either embrace the holiday and use this time to reconnect with your family and play catch-up and remember that blood is thicker than grudges as you devour turkey with the people who matter to you. Or you desperately scramble to put on a movie before your crazy uncle tries to engage you in conversation about border walls.

And this year, Google is making it very easy to make the latter happen. This Thanksgiving, all movie rentals will be 99 cents on the Google Play Store. Why spend time with family when this provides the perfect opportunity to finally get around to watching Skyscraper?

This special deal is very limited, beginning tomorrow, November 22, and lasting only during that day. If you wake up bright and early and don't stop watching (even as your mom begs you to come to the kitchen and help with the potatoes), you can probably squeeze in eight to ten movie rentals and only pay $8 or $10. Think of the movies you'll finally get to see after missing them in theaters! Think of how you'll have the perfect excuse to ignore the elephant in the room and not bury the hatchet with your brother-in-law after that thing you did last summer! (You know the one.)

The Verge has the details and notes that this big rental sale is part of Google's larger weeklong "Cyber Week." In addition to the cheap rentals, Google Play shoppers will find all kinds of additional discounts and special deals. If you're like me and tend to ignore the Play Store while dumping obscene amounts of cash into the iTunes and Amazon stores, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to try this shop out and see if it's something to add to the regular rotation. Well-played, Google.

For a more comprehensive look at the various deals and discounts, you can head right over here. Movies, games, apps, audio books, and even Starz subscriptions will be on a deep discount this week, so act now. Load up your device of choice with cheap stuff so you can ignore your family! Or so you can share it with them. You do you. Happy Thanksgiving.