'Rocky IV' Honest Trailer: How Many Training Montages Does This Movie Have?

With Creed II heading to theaters this week, the folks over at Honest Trailers have reached deep into their vault to pull out one of their classic episodes from all the way back in 1985 when Rocky IV was all the rage. It was a different time, when America wasn't going to put up with Russia bossing us around, and it was up to Rocky to teach the Soviet Union a lesson so that Russia would never mess with us again. That certainly worked out for us, right?

Rocky IV Honest Trailer

How many training montages does this movie have? Seriously, try to keep count. There's almost a training montage in a training montage, even though this Honest Trailer comes from all the way back in 1985, before we had a word to easily describe something like that thanks to the vision of director Christopher Nolan. But I digress.

It's kind of amazing that audiences were willing to let a movie about an up and coming boxer reach this level. It not only becomes comical because of how two-dimensional the new villain is, especially with only 46 words for Dolph Lundgren to say throughout the entire movie, but also because there's a damn robot in this movie. What was Sylvester Stallone smoking in the 1980s?

Anyway, thank the maker that Creed II is here to clean things up a bit by bringing back Ivan Drago, this time with his kid Viktor Drago, so America can teach Russia that they can't mess with us again, unless of course the puppet that is our president says it's okay.