Dive Into Some Very Silly Yet Enjoyable 'Aquaman' Character Posters

Aquaman will soon make a big splash in theaters everywhere! That's right, the King of Atlantis is going to swim his way onto movie screens, and cause a tidal wave at the box office! And he's going to get you wet. Okay, that's enough of that. We are indeed getting closer to the release of Aquaman, though, which means marketing is going to increase. Case in point: a series of silly (yet somehow enjoyable) character posters have just surfaced (sorry, I can't stop!), featuring lots of blue, lots of flowing hair, and lots of Patrick Wilson yelling. Plunge to the depths below to sea the Aquaman posters.Aquaman Poster Aquaman

Here's the big guy himself! Look at that flowing hair. Maybe he's born with it...maybe it's under water. Interesting that the poster explicitly calls him "Arthur Curry" instead of "Aquaman." I guess they didn't want Aquaman twice on the poster. In any case, here's Jason Momoa in the classic Aquaman colors, his fists ready to clutch some brewskies.

Aquaman Poster MeraAmber Heard's Mera is next, and her hair here looks a hell of a lot better than it does in live action, where it very much just looks like a big orange wig. In the background, we see some dudes riding sharks. Is that enough for you? It should be.Aquaman Poster Black Manta

Villain Black Manta stands with sword at the ready, flanked by a wall of rushing water. Hey, Manta – watch out! There's water behind you! Strike your cool pose later.

Aquaman Poster King Orm

This might be my favorite of the bunch. Patrick Wilson's stands (or rather, swims) as King Orm. What I love about this is that he's yelling, his mouth open wide – and in the background, you see a shark with its mouth open wide as well. It's like the shark is mocking him. "Oh, I'm King Orm, look at me open my mouth super wide, duh!"

Aquaman Poster Dolph

I'm thrilled to see Dolph Lundgren returning to high profile roles. He appears in both Creed II and Aquaman this year, and that's great. He plays King Nereus in Aquaman, and on this poster, and I'm loving the tinge of rainbow coloring here.

Aquaman Poster Vulko

Oh shit, it's Vulko! Watch out! He's nuts. Okay, I have no idea who Vulko is. But I do know he's played by Willem Dafoe, and that's always exciting.

Aquaman Poster Atlanna

I saved the most glamorous poster for last. Nicole Kidman plays Queen Atlanna, and I still can't believe Nicole Kidman is in this movie. Sure, she's done comic book movies before – she was in Batman Forever. Still, it's strange to see her swinging around a trident and wearing whatever the heck it is she's wearing here. Strange and cool.

Aquaman opens December 14, 2018.