Sacha Baron Cohen Returns As Borat To Sway US Elections, Discusses 'Who Is America?' Pranks

Last night, everyone was abuzz with the results of the midterm elections. But while some American citizens were out voting on Tuesday, others had to deal with some election tampering and canvassing from an unlikely personality: Kazakhstan native Borat Sagdiyev.

Jimmy Kimmel Live hosted Sacha Baron Cohen last night where the comedy actor revealed how he tried to swing the midterm elections to please Premier Trump by walking around the more wealthy part of Los Angeles to garner support for the Republican party. Funnily enough, he didn't have to try very hard to find people who fully support the Orange-in-Chief.

Borat pulls the worst out of these insufferable people, not unlike how he did when touring America in the hit feature mockumentary Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. And what's truly sad is that they're so ignorant that they have no shame. It takes someone truly despicable to call Donald Trump a humanitarian.

Of course, Sacha Baron Cohen found much more ridiculous people while making his controversial series Who Is America? on Showtime. While the series was airing earlier this year, Cohen stayed away from the press, opting to let the show speak for itself. But last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian finally talked about fooling real American politicians and pundits.

Sacha Baron Cohen explains how he made former Vice President Dick Cheney buy into his Israeli military character Col. Erran Morad, and expressed his disbelief (and also respect) in the fact that it took Rep. Jason Spencer from Georgia 48 hours to resign. Cohen said:

"The amazing thing, Jimmy, is that he actually didn't resign for 48 hours. So he not only chased me with his bare buttocks — I was pretending to be an Islamic terrorist and I convinced him that if he touched me with his buttocks he would turn me into a homosexual — but he also screamed the N-word four times, he had taken a photo up a woman in a burqa and he had bitten the end of a fake phallus off a terrorist. But he still refused to resign for 48 hours, which I quite respect."

It's amazing that Cohen is able to pull these pranks on such high profile people. But even more impressive is that he's able to pull them off knowing that they could go South and put him in harm's way at any minute. Cohen explained that when he unveiled a giant mosque might be built in the notoriously racist town of Kingston, Arizona, there was the concern that some of the citizens who were licensed to carry a firearm might react unfavorably and use their weapon. Just in case, Cohen had a bodyguard who not only was supposed to protect him but gave him a bulletproof clipboard he could use should such an issue arise.

Watch the full interview above for more insight into the pranks of Who Is America?, and check out this final clip too: