VOTD: How 'Incredibles 2' Should Have Ended

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Incredibles 2 arrives on Blu-ray this week, and you know what that means. It's time to find out how Pixar's superhero family could have done things a little more efficiently with the latest edition of How It Should Have Ended. In this case, we get a callback to the first Incredibles movie to remind us exactly why it should have been a little easier for Dash and Violet to save the day instead of having trouble in the climax of the Pixar sequel.

Find out how Incredibles 2 should have ended below.

How Incredibles 2 Should Have Ended

Sure, this may be nitpicking a bit, but we've already seen how truly fast Dash can run when using his superpowers. He can move so swiftly that he can put a tack on the chair of his teacher in a split second and barely gets caught on camera. But apparently that's not fast enough for him to speed past the hypnotized wannabe supers in Incredibles 2 and grab the goggles that are keeping them under the control of the Screenslaver.

Meanwhile, with Violent able to go invisible, would it be that hard for her to sneak up on the wannabe supers to remove their goggles? She might have a little more trouble doing it without getting caught than Dash would have had, but still, the kids seem well-equipped to handle this issue, but they still have plenty of trouble.

Anyway, that doesn't stop Incredibles 2 from being an outstanding follow-up to the first film. Buy it now.