Michael Keaton To Play Tech Giant John McAfee In 'King Of The Jungle,' Replacing Johnny Depp

Hopefully you won't have to update your computer in order to see the true story of tech giant John McAfee in a new project called King of the Jungle that will be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (I Love You, Phillip Morris). That might not sound all that exciting on the surface, but Michael Keaton is on board to play McAfee in a movie that is being described as more of a dark comedy than a traditional biopic.

Find out more about the John McAfee movie below.

Deadline has word on King of the Jungle, a project that will be shopped around at the American Film Market next week. The film already has financing from Condé Nast Entertainment, Zaftig Films, MadRiver Pictures and Endurance Media, as well as the backing of Epic Magazine, but they're still on the hunt for a distributor.

Having Michael Keaton on board the project to play John McAfee, especially after his Academy Award-worthy turn in Birdman, should certainly sweeten the deal. After all, when you hear how the movie is described, you'll see why Keaton is perfect for the role – it sounds like a mix of his performances in The Founder and Birdman.

King of the Jungle is based on a Wired article called John McAfee's Last Stand. Adapted by American Crime Story writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, the film will focus on McAfee at a time in his life when he took all the riches he earned from McAfee Antivirus software, left his life behind, and moved to a jungle in Belize, surrounding himself with a compound full of "guns, sex and madness." The story will unfold when Wired's reporter Ari Furman heads to Belize to interview McAfee, only to discover a world of "escalating paranoia, unhinged reality, and murder."Seth Rogen is also on board the project as the aforementioned Wired reporter, which should give him the opportunity to deliver a performance much like his critically acclaimed turn as Steve Wozniak in the Steve Jobs biopic from David Fincher. Maybe Rogen can join Keaton with an Oscar nomination himself if this movie turns into one of those prime awards season releases.

At one time, King of the Jungle had Johnny Depp attached to star in the movie, which might have made this feel a little Hunter S. Thompson-esque in its execution. But apparently John McAfee lobbied hard against having Depp play him. That's fine with us, especially since Michael Keaton in a role like this sounds infinitely more enticing.