'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Gives Peter Parker A More Classic Spidey Suit

With Spider-Man: Far From Home still in production, details about the sequel have been surfacing online here and there, mostly thanks to set photos being captured by on-lookers and paparazzi. Now that shooting is commencing in Spidey's hometown of New York City, another detail about the sequel has been revealed, and it involves another new suit for the webslinger, and not the one that was already spotted on set a little while back. This new Spider-Man suit will have classic wallcrawler fans pretty pumped.

We're going to keep details after the jump for those who may not want to know more about the suit.

A post on Reddit has a video of production shooting on the streets of New York City. The sequence in question is a quick stunt jump featuring Spider-Man leaping away with Michelle Jones (Zendaya), the sarcastic classmate of Peter Parker from Midtown School of Science and Technology. Not only does the video confirm that Michelle (or MJ as she likes to be called by her friends) will have another encounter with Spider-Man after being saved in Washington DC, but Spidey has a new suit.

We won't post any images or video from the set here (you can seek them out yourself), but here's the gist:

Spider-Man 1962

That's how the Spider-Man suit looked when the webslinger debuted in 1962. Steve Ditko was the artist behind Spidey at the time, and rather than having the brighter blue accents of the suit that fans are more familiar with today, the suit actually featured black on the legs arms and chest, with lighter blue used in illustrations to create muscle definition and shading.

The suit spotted on set has this darker color scheme, and it also sports a new white or light gray spider logo on the back. It's much bigger than the symbol we've seen on the front of the chest (which remains the same size and style), though not as big or spindly as the white spider from the recent Spider-Man PlayStation 4 game suit. However, there's no sign of the web wings returning, at least not as a default feature of the suit. After all, they were activated in Spider-Man: Homecoming and not always out in the open.

Plenty of fans will like seeing this classic design make a comeback, and of course, it gives toy companies another Spider-Man action figure to sell in stores. Will there be some kind of logical explanation for this suit? Is there a chance that it's maybe just a modified version of the one that Tony Stark gave him? We'll have to wait and see.

As for the scene in question, it's hard to tell if this is something that will happen before or after Peter Parker and his fellow classmates go overseas. Perhaps this suit could end up being something revealed at the end of the movie, but I don't know why Marvel Studios would risk leaking that with such a public shoot like this. So this might be his new suit for the majority of the movie.

Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives next year on July 5, 2019.