Sony Shifts Release Dates For James Gunn's 'BrightBurn', 'Holmes And Watson' & More

Sony Pictures is shifting some of the movies intended for release towards the end of 2018.

First up, is a big delay for James Gunn's mysterious horror film BrightBurn, which will now open in May of 2019. But the film's original November 2018 release date will be filled by another horror film called The Possession of Hannah Grace. Meanwhile, there's a release date now in place for the psychological thriller The Intruder, and a later release date for the comedy Holmes and Watson. Get all the new release date details below.

First up, Sony Pictures is sending James Gunn's BrightBurn into theaters on May 24, 2019. It's not clear why the movie has been pushed back so far from the film's original November 30 release date this year, but there's a good chance it has something to do with the controversy surrounding the director being fired from directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. We still don't know much about the movie, but now we have more time to learn about it as we wait another six months for it to release.

But those looking for scares will be able to check out The Possession of Hannah Grace on November 30, 2018 instead. The film follows a disgraced ex-cop and recovering addict who takes a job in a graveyard shift at the morgue of the hospital in which she got sober. Soon after a mysterious and brutally massacred body is delivered to the morgue, the woman begins to witness terrorizing and violent murders, leading her to face off against an evil entity.

Wrapping up the end of 2018 will be Holmes and Watson, the comedic take on Sherlock Holmes starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. The film directed by Tropic Thunder writer Etan Coen was originally slated to arrive on November 9, 2018, but it's been bumped back for a holiday release of December 21, 2018. Perhaps the studios sees more success for families to see the film while they're home for Christmas.

Finally, Sony Pictures has given an April 26, 2019 release date to The Intruder, a new psychological thriller from director Deon Taylor. The film stars Michael Ealy and Meaghan Good as a married couple who buys a beautiful Napa Valley home only to find that the man they bought it from (Dennis Quaid) refuses to let go of the property. Oh, and he slowly terrorizes them. How fun!