David Harbour Will Officiate A Wedding As Hellboy, But Only With Your Help

Stranger Things star David Harbour became a viral sensation when he followed through on a promise to officiate a couple's wedding in full wardrobe as Chief Hopper if a tweet requesting his presence racked up 125,000 retweets. But now he's made another promise to one fan that would make for one hellacious wedding ceremony.Spencer Perry is the managing editor of ComingSoon.net, and he's a good friend of some of us here at /Film. He's also engaged to be married, and when David Harbour recently put out the call for new retweet challenges, Spencer asked the actor how many retweets it would take for him to officiate the wedding dressed in full Hellboy make-up and gear. Well, Harbour has responded, and it's a tall order, but it's not impossible if the internet comes together to make this incredible event happen.

Find out more about the Hellboy wedding challenge below.

Here's the tweet in question where the challenge was offered up by David Harbour:

At the time of this writing, the tweet had racked up over 21, 200 retweets, which is a far cry from the 666K that David Harbour has called for. However, you'll notice that at the end of his tweet, he says that he'll knock off 500K retweets if Hellboy creator Mike Mignola agrees to read a poem at the service. Well, there's good news:

Man, this just keeps getting better and better. So Mike Mignola has agreed to read a poem at Spencer Perry's wedding as long as David Harbour writes it himself. The man has yet to confirm, but it sounds like the number to meet is now 166K retweets. That's still a lot of retweets in order to make this Hellboy wedding happen, but the internet can do amazing things when we put our collective mind to it.

Spencer Perry is a die hard Hellboy fan, and he's also just a good dude. This would be a dream come true for he and his bride-to- be. We know that we want to see Big Red overseeing the couple's nuptials, so if you're with us, go retweet David Harbour's challenge and let's make this happen! Even if you haven't been on Twitter in awhile, dust off the old account and try to make this Hellboy wedding a reality. If this comes together, we'll be sure to post what will certainly be some of the most incredible wedding photos anyone has ever seen.