Cool Stuff: Sexy Jeff Goldblum From 'Jurassic Park' Is Now An Arousing Statue

Life continues to find a way to honor Jeff Goldblum's incredible performance in Jurassic Park. More specifically, a single shot where his sarcastic, chaos theoretician character Ian Malcolm looks incredibly sexy and alluring despite being injured in a tyrannosaurus rex attack hours earlier. He's already being immortalized with a Funko POP in the famous pose seen above, but now he's been turned into a 1/4 scale statue from Chronicle Collectibles.

Jurassic Park Sexy Ian Malcolm Statue

Chronicle Collectibles made the surprise announcement today, and the statue is already available for pre-order at their website for $599.99. That's a salty price tag, but there are payment plans that you can sign up for to make it easier to pay for over a stretch of time. Otherwise, here are all the details you need to know about the statue:

  • World's first 1/4 scale of Dr. Malcolm!
  • Crafted in Polyresin
  • Scene-specific base with a cutaway revealing dinosaur fossils buried underneath
  • Approx. 10" tall, on a 18" diameter base
  • Estimated to Ship Q4 2019
  • But that's not all Chronicle Collectibles has unveiled for you Jurassic Park fans out there.

    Jurassic Park T-Rex with Banner Statue

    The tyrannosaurus rex is also getting a new ninth scale statue from Chronicle Collectibles which features the dinosaur in the iconic pose from the end of the movie as it roars while the "When Dinosaurs Rules the Earth" banner falls around it. It's one of the most memorable shots from the film, and now you can proudly display it at your home.

    This statue is a little more costly than the Jeff Goldblum one though, and it will cost you $1349.99 (though there are payment plans for this one too). Here's everything you need to know about the forthcoming release available for pre-order today:

  • 1:9 scale statue (largest T. Rex available besides our 1:5 full version)
  • Crafted in Polyresin
  • Gorgeous scene-specific base with a cutaway revealing dinosaur fossils buried underneath
  • Approx. 22" tall, on a 22.5" diameter base
  • Estimated to ship in Q4 2019
  • Pre-order both of these items over at Chronicle Collectibles right now.