'Venom' Early Buzz: Tom Hardy Gives A Fascinating, Bizarre Performance That Will Make Or Break The Movie

You've been patient, and finally the time has come. The first reactions to this week's release of Venom have arrived, and they certainly pack a punch.

The anticipation for Venom has been lukewarm, mostly because the trailers painted quite an odd movie that felt like it came out of a time capsule that was lost in 2004. Well, it sounds like that's exactly what the movie delivers, complete with a bizarre and fascinating performance from Tom Hardy that makes the movie surprisingly funny, intentional or not.

First up, let's look at some of the more positive reactions for Venom:

As you can see, even some of these positive reactions note the film's shortcomings, which include a clunky story. Plus, there seems to be some uncertainty as to whether the film is meant to be as funny as it comes off, which doesn't sound promising. At the same time, many of these reactions seem to come away at least entertained, even if it's not because this comic book movie is of the highest quality.

However, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum are some people who were really down on the movie:

As you can see, some of the elements in Venom that people found entertaining, even if accidentally so, didn't land in the same way for these folks. Part of me wonders if that's going to be how general audiences react, or if they'll buy into what Tom Hardy and Venom are selling.

Whether this is an intentionally funny throwback to the superhero movies of the early 2000s will be for audiences to decide. Either way, it sounds like there will be some fun to be had with Venom, even if it's laughing at the movie for the wrong reasons.