Cool Stuff: Henry Jackman's 'Kong: Skull Island' Score Gets A Lava Vinyl Soundtrack

Next year we'll see Godzilla return to theaters along with a slew of classic monsters that we've yet to see on the big screen in the sequel to the franchise from Legendary Pictures. But in the meantime, we can enjoy the triumphant return of one of his foes in the gruesome monster movie Kong: Skull Island, and now you can partake in the film's menacing, bombastic score from a cool vinyl soundtrack release from Waxwork Records.

Kong Skull Island Vinyl Soundtrack

Waxwork Records has announced a deluxe double LP release of the Kong: Skull Island score composed by Henry Jackman (Captain America: Civil War, Wreck-It Ralph). The 1970s-inspired score fluctuates between electrifying guitar to booming drums to haunting strings to create a pulsing soundtrack that will sound absolutely incredible on vinyl.

This exclusive vinyl release features lava color vinyl records and a gatefold jacket with cover artwork by Andrew Swainson and an insert with art by JC Richard. It's a monstrous movie score, and this vinyl is a must-have for any cinephile who loves collecting their soundtracks in this format.

Here's the tracklist for the double LP Kong: Skull Island vinyl soundtrack:

Side A

  • South Pacific
  • The Beach
  • Project Monarch
  • Packard's Blues
  • Assembling The Team
  • Into The Storm
  • The Island
  • Kong The Destroyer
  • Side B

    1. Monsters Exist
    2. Spider Attack
    3. Dominant Species
    4. The Temple
    5. Grey Fox
    6. Side C

      1. Kong The Protector
      2. Marlow's Farewell
      3. Lost
      4. The Boneyard
      5. Ambushed
      6. Heart Of Kong
      7. Side D

        1. Man Vs. Beast
        2. Creature From The Deep
        3. The Battle Of Skull Island
        4. King Kong
        5. Monster Mash