Here's How The Talented 'Stranger Things' Cast Came Together

Stranger Things won't return to Netflix until 2019. If you're going through withdrawal from the hit series, perhaps this very pleasant video will help.

The creators and crew behind the show come together to discuss how the very talented Stranger Things cast came together. Almost everyone – from the kids who are at the center of the show, to David Harbor, and even the season 2 new additions – gets a shout-out here.

Stranger Things Cast Video

The Emmy Awards are right around the corner (September 17), which means its time for producers and networks to pull out all the stops and heavily campaign for their talent. This Stranger Things cast video seems tailor-made to appeal to Emmy voters, and remind everyone how talented and special the cast that makes up the show is. Casting director Carmen Cuba (who is nominated for Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series) is on hand to talk about the process of compiling the show's ensemble. Series creators the Duffer Brothers give Cuba full credit for casting David Harbour as everyone's favorite dad bod sheriff, Jim Hopper.

"Anything I ever saw him in...he had that ability to really hold a scene against bigger actors," Cuba says of Harbour.

Elsewhere in the video, the creators and crew discuss the decision to add Sean Astin and Paul Reiser as cast members for Stranger Things 2. The Duffers counter that at first they were hesitant to add too many familiar '80s actors to the show, but ultimately decided that Astin and Reiser would both be valuable members of the team.

Of course, the biggest focus here is on the kids who make up the main cast. The Stranger Things kids were all virtually unknown, and the success of the Netflix show has rocketed them into a kind of superstardom. They're all here, saying very nice things about one another. It's a genuinely pleasant (albiet not very revealing) discussion.

One curious side-note: Winona Ryder, the biggest name on the show, doesn't get much of a mention here. Perhaps Ryder was unavailable to be interviewed for the video, and as a result they decided to exclude her from the conversation.

All in all, this is a charming, well-intentioned behind-the-scenes look at how talented the Stranger Things cast is, and it might hold fans over for the time being as they wait for the show to return. It's going to be a long wait, though. Stranger Things season 3 won't arrive until summer 2019.