'Deep Blue Sea' Honest Trailer: The Sharks Are Smart, But The Movie Is Dumb

With The Meg chomping into theaters this weekend, you can't help but think back on all the other shark movies that come along every few years, each trying to put their own creative spin on what Steven Spielberg already perfected with Jaws. And in the case of Deep Blue Sea, what we got were intelligent sharks that weren't going to be duped by chum and barrels. But that doesn't mean the movie surrounding these sharks was any less dumb. But we'll let the Deep Blue Sea Honest Trailer break that down for you.

Watch the Deep Blue Sea Honest Trailer

Even though I've seen Deep Blue Sea a handful of times, I've never realized that it's basically an aquatic ripoff of Jurassic Park. From the approaching tropical storm to the isolated location to the presence of Samuel L. Jackson, who gets eaten in both movies. On top of that, the movie has more than a few "homages" to scenes from the Jaws franchise as well.

Of course, the Honest Trailer doesn't spend nearly as much time as it should mocking the rap track "Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin)" performed by LL Cool J for the film's soundtrack. It's a song that makes no damn sense, but it somehow the most memorable thing to come out of this movie. And it's not even the only track he wrote for the soundtrack.

Here's hoping that The Meg ends up being better than this total schlock that does shark movies no favors, and certainly added a blemish on the career of most of the people in it. Yes, it's bad even LL Cool J.