'Ready Player One' Honest Trailer: A Na'vi Who Joined A Boy Band Saves The Virtual World

After hitting the big screen in March, Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One has already taken some licks for being a glorified trip down memory lane full of seemingly heartless pop culture references to movies that are far better than the one you're watching. But the Ready Player One Honest Trailer still has some last minute jabs to get in as the movie arrives on Blu-ray and DVD this week.

Watch the Ready Player One Honest Trailer

Describing Parzival as a Na'vi in a boy band and Art3mis as a blend of David Bowie and Admiral Ackbar is the most perfect description of the two lead characters' avatars that we've heard yet. Seriously, when you an look like anyone or anything in the OASIS, why would you go with exaggerated versions of yourselves instead of something completely different.

However, the Ready Player One Honest Trailer seems to gloss over one detail that bugs me about how players experience the OASIS. While they point out the fact that the use of a treadmill and skintight body suit would likely have smelly results, the question I have is why would anyone completing tasks that might bring them pain utilize the boot suit that lets them feel everything. What possible benefit is there to feeling a virtual kick to the groin? Someone didn't think that through.

Anyway, for all the mud that gets slung at Ready Player One, I think it's a harmless, fun time at the movies directed by the only filmmaker who could take something like this and turn it into a serviceable, albeit flawed, fun film.