'Deadpool 2' Behind The Scenes Photo Reveals X-Men Villain Omega Red

Deadpool 2 featured its fair share of notable mutants from X-Men lore, but there are so many characters in that universe that there's never enough time to do them all justice on the big screen.

One mutant who has never been given his due in a live-action X-Men movie is a Russian villain named Omega Red. He's slated to appear in one of the bonus features on the upcoming Blu-ray release of Fox's Deadpool 2, and now one of the movie's makeup artists has given us our first good look at the character.

ComicBookResources points us to the Instagram account of makeup artist Bill Corso, who showed off a few of the villains who briefly appeared during the Ice Box Prison sequence in Deadpool 2. You can click through the images below to see a bunch of mutants who didn't get much screen time in the film:

Here's the close-up of Omega Red:

Omega Red makeup

In the comics, Omega Red is a murderer who becomes a Soviet operative and given a set of carbonadium tentacles. (Nerd alert: carbonadium is a more flexible form of adamantium, the material that makes up Wolverine's claws.) Remember Whiplash fromĀ Iron Man 2? Omega Red is kind of like that, except his tentacles are actually implanted into his body. No wonder the guy's so angry all the time.

The Deadpool 2 Blu-ray bonus features include something called "Chess with Omega Red," which seems to indicate that the character will get a bit more face time than he did in the theatrical version of the movie. He might even have a bigger role in the uncut edition that will screen at San Diego Comic-Con later this week. We'll report back as soon as we find out.