'Pacific Rim Uprising' And 'Tomb Raider' Honest Trailer: So Aggressively Average They Had To Be Paired Up

The folks at Honest Trailers have no problem singling out movies and making fun of them mercilessly. However, in the case of two releases from the spring of 2018, neither of them is apparently worth enough of their time to get their own Honest Trailer.

That's right. Both Pacific Rim Uprising and Tomb Raider are so down the middle of the line that they're being put into a single Honest Trailer double feature. They both just to happen to be movies that exist because Warner Bros. Pictures need to do something with the video game intellectual property they inherited, and Pacific Rim Uprising just so happened to rake in box office bucks in China.

Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim Uprising Honest Trailer

Yes, both John Boyega and Alicia Vikander put in their very best effort to make these franchises work, both delivering performances that far exceed the quality of what they're given on the page. In fact, these movies shares a lot of similar traits, including ending with a tease for sequels that seem unlikely after the disappointing box office performances of both.

Frankly, I still think Pacific Rim Uprising is worth defending, simply because it's big, bold and outlandish, taking what Guillermo del Toro set up with the first movie and putting it into overdrive. Meanwhile, Tomb Raider just kind of sits there like a museum exhibit that reminds you how much better other action adventure movies are when they're not based on video games.