'Wonder Woman 1984', 'Halloween' And 'Glass' Confirmed For San Diego Comic-Con

Just a couple days ago, we got a rundown of which movies would be heading to San Diego Comic-Con to show off the goods to the thousands of fans in attendance at one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the world. While we got confirmation of some of the big movies that will be promoted at the convention, some movies were still only predicted to make an appearance. But we've got word on a few additions that will definitely be there.

First up, in addition to the debut of the first Aquaman trailer, the Warner Bros. Pictures panel will also feature a "surprise" Wonder Woman 1984 appearance. Meanwhile, on the Universal Pictures side of things, Halloween and the Unbreakable and Split follow-up Glass will be stopping by.

Wonder Woman 1984

Deadline spoiled what was meant to be a Wonder Woman 1984 surprise for the Warner Bros. Pictures panel. As of now, plans for the sequel's appearance at San Diego Comic-Con are still being finalized and coordinated. After all, Wonder Woman 1984 is still in production over in Washington DC and surrounding areas, so they likely won't have much footage to show off, and planning travel for director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot could prove to be a challenge.

However, let's not forget that Zack Snyder and the entire cast of Justice League flew into Comic-Con just for a brief appearance to hype up the superhero ensemble. Plus, Marvel Studios productions have consistently shown up at the convention after only shooting for a few weeks and they've brought sizzle reels that bring the crowds to their feet. So Wonder Woman 1984 should have no problem blowing fans away.

Fans already know the Aquaman trailer will debut there, and it's likely the first Shazam trailer will be coming too. Will any other DC Comics surprises happen during the panel?

M. Night Shyalaman's Glass

Meanwhile, Universal is bringing a different kind of comic book movie to Comic-Con. Another report from Deadline says M. Night Shyamalan will be bringing Glass to the convention. The film follows the kidnapping thriller Split, which ended up having a surprising connection to Shyamalan's grounded superhero origin story Unbreakable. And Comic-Con attendees will get a sneak peek at the movie.

There's a good chance Glass will show the same footage that Shyamalan brought to CinemaCon, but maybe they'll bring something else exclusive to the San Diego crowd. Whatever happens, I wouldn't be surprised if the official trailer for Glass also ends up online immediately after the film's panel ends.


Finally, David Gordon Green's franchise-wiping sequel to the original 1978 horror flick from director John Carpenter will try to spook the Comic-Con crowd. They'll likely be bringing some new footage from the film, maybe even a new trailer that will only be shown to the audience in attendance (since the first trailer just debuted not too long ago), but that's just speculation on our part.

Is it too much to hope that Universal might be willing to host an early screening of Halloween at the convention? It's not out of the ordinary for advance screenings to happen during the con, but since Halloween doesn't arrive until October, it might be too early for the movie to be screened for audiences.


There might be even more movies heading to Comic-Con than the ones we've heard about so far. Surprise announcements always come out of Hall H every year, and we're hoping something big will come out of the convention, even if Marvel Studios isn't going to be there this year. We'll be at the convention next month, so stay tuned for our coverage.