Watch The Ending Of 'Jurassic World' Without Any VFX Dinosaurs

Ever wonder what a big special-effects driven blockbuster might look like before the effects get added? Wonder no more! A video showcasing Jurassic World without visual effects is here to make you feel awkward!

Special effects have become so commonplace and so advanced that sometimes it's easy to forget that much of what we see on movie screens isn't really there. Digital wizards work their magic to conjure up creatures and landscapes comprised entirely of pixels, all for the sake of fooling audiences. The Jurassic franchise is a great example of this.

While Steven Spielberg's original did employ plenty of practical animatronic dinosaurs, the film also pioneered digital effects. As the franchise continued, more and more digital dinos took the place of practical ones. The dinosaurs in Colin Trevorrow's 2015 Jurassic World are almost entirely CGI, which means the actors were usually acting against empty space. And now you can get a taste of what the pre-dinosaur footage looks like, with this video showcasing the end of the film void of special effects. Trevorrow commented on the video himself, saying, "Imagine showing this to the studio in October 2014. 'Now this part here? This part will be cool. I promise.'"

There's an even longer video on YouTube, featuring additional effects-free scenes from the flick.

Jurassic World Without Special Effects

My favorite moment is this shot of Chris Pratt gently caressing a plastic raptor head.

raptor head

This footage is amusing, and in some cases slightly awkward. But it's also a good showcase for how much work goes into creating movies like this. Sometimes it pays off – a seamless digital effect can create movie magic. Other times, it can backfire, like when a digital creation looks so unnatural it takes us completely out of the film. One thing I'll say: it's amazing how much the effects in the original Jurassic Park hold up today. The blend of practical and digital work in that film looks better than most modern movies. Perhaps the secret to making it work is that amalgamation of digital and practical – both used to compliment each other. If that's the case, the future looks bright for Jurassic World's sequel Fallen Kingdom. That film uses more practical dinosaur effects than any other Jurassic sequel.

"I think since Jurassic Park we've got more animatronics than any of the other movies. Except for Jurassic Park," producer Frank Marshall said, adding: "The process of the animatronics is so advanced now from what it used to be. What they're able to do now is fantastic. And it's so much faster to see what you're gonna have. So that made it really cool."

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens June 22, 2018.