See Your Favorite Horror Movies Turned Into 'Goosebumps' Books

For children of the 1990s, the best thing in school was getting the order pamphlet for new books from the Scholastic Book Club. That's because they almost always featured the latest in R.L. Stine's ongoing horror book series Goosebumps. There were dozens of books released under the banner with several other books spinning off from the primary line-up. Now one artist has taken the iconic Goosebumps book covers from that decade and mashed them up with some of your favorite horror movies.

Check out the Goosebumps horror movie mash-ups below.

Here are the creations made by horror fan Cam, or @maskman93 on Instagram (via Bloody Disgusting):

Cam does more than just Photoshop images from horror movies and posters into the frames of Goosebumps book covers. He also touches them up in Photoshop a bit so they look more like the signature illustrations you'd find on R.L. Stine's books. Plus, he also gives them cheeky, clever titles very similar to the actual titles of books.

For example, Halloween becomes Here Comes the Boogeyman, Piranha 3D becomes Deep Trouble 3D, The Shining becomes Welcome to The Overlook, Child's Play becomes Why I'm Afraid of Toys, My Bloody Valentine becomes You're Mine and more.

You can see more of these fun Goosebumps horror movie mash-ups over at @maskman93's Instagram page. But maybe someday one of our favorite pop culture artists will take a cue from Cam and turn them into screen prints. That Goosebumps version of Halloween using Jason Edmiston's print for the film would look great framed on a wall.