LOL: The Honest Trailer For Honest Trailers Written By A Robot Is Totally Bonkers

While we're supremely against all the nonsense that Cinema Sins puts forth in their recurring video series, we appreciate what the folks at ScreenJunkies put forth every week with their Honest Trailers. At the very least, they're clever in their humorous observations about critiques, plot holes and we love the new title they give to all their targets.

But now, Honest Trailers has turned the gun on themselves to deliver an Honest Trailer of Honest Trailers. Of course, since the writers behind these videos can't be trusted to really let themselves have it, they commissioned Botnik Labs to create a magical computer program that analyzed every single Honest Trailer script and generated the Honest Trailer in question. It has all the tropes, styles, and themes of your average Honest Trailer and it is weird and hilarious.

Watch the Honest Trailers Honest Trailer

Obviously the computer program that Botnik Labs created didn't cut together the video for this Honest Trailers Honest Trailer, but it did write the script that inspired the video. Thankfully, the editor of Honest Trailers is quite skilled at finding the perfect footage from a wide variety of movies to make this quite the lively lambasting of the movie trailer parody video series.

The Honest Trailers Honest Trailer is like a fever dream of cinema that is goofy, paranoid, joyful and just insane. It's like someone left the Family Guy reference machine on overnight and it just went into overload. Also, holy shit, who doesn't want to see that Dennis the Menace vs Yoda fight sequence?