Peter Introduces The 'Deadpool 2' X-Force

Peter, the best character from the Deadpool 2 trailer, took to his verified Twitter account today to introduce us to the members of the X-Force. The introduction also confirms which character Bill Skarsgård is playing in the film.

Deadpool 2 isn't even out yet, but it's safe to say everyone loves new character Peter. As played by Rob Delaney, Peter is the seemingly-average guy who just happens to join Deadpool's superhero team, the X-Force. Peter has his own (verified) Twitter account, and today he took some time out of his busy beekeeping schedule to introduce everyone to the X-Force.

The introduction kicks-off with a reference to Peter's favorite pastime: bee keeping.

Next up, he shows us the team. There's Zazie Beetz as Domino; Lewis Tan as Shatterstar; Terry Crews as Bedlam; and Pennywise himself, Bill Skarsgård. We were previously unsure of which character Bill Skarsgård was playing, but one of Peter's tweets below gives us the answer.

Here, peter confirms Skarsgård is playing Zeitgeist. According to the Marvel Wiki, Zeitgeist is "a mutant with the ability to spew gelatinous energized ooze from his mouth cavity." Sounds about right.

Here's Zazie Beetz as Dominio. As she says in the trailer, her super power is "luck." Also, Peter uses a smiley face because he's just a really nice guy.

Next up: Terry Crews as Bedlam, a character who can (in the comics at least) "utilize his power to scan the environment for other pre-existing energy fields."

Here's Lewis Tan as Shatterstar, a character Peter describes as a "super good looking, karate-fighting alien from SPACE."

Here's a photo of Peter himself, allegedly taken by Domino.

And finally, here's a blurry selfie of Peter with the team in the background.

There you have it! That's the X-Force. Deadpool himself doesn't make an appearance in the photos – perhaps he was elsewhere. One has to wonder how big a part this team will play in the final film. There's a part of me that thinks Deadpool 2 is going to steal a page out of MacGruber's book, where it introduces these characters and kills most of them off almost instantly. But I could be wrong! At the very least, we know that Dominio will have a big part, since she's featured in almost all of the marketing. And we know that Peter gets that funny skydiving sequence we glimpsed in the last trailer. So that's something.

Deadpool 2, starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Terry Crews, Lewis Tan, Bill Skarsgård, Rob Delaney, and Jack Kesy, opens May 18, 2018.