'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Honest Trailer: An Even-Handed Roast Of The Divisive Sequel

By now we're all familiar with the intense arguments that have sprouted in reaction to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so we don't have to rehash them here. Instead, we're going to let the folks at Honest Trailers stir the pot for us by creating a two-for-one roast of The Last Jedi that simultaneously praises the movie while making fun of it, mocking all the fanboys who can't stop hating it, as well as all the vocal fans who will defend it to death.

Watch the Star Wars The Last Jedi Honest Trailer

That's right, Honest Trailers brought back the original voiceover guy from the early days for a battle between the old and the new. It's a perfect juxtaposition since that's exactly where the debate about The Last Jedi is stemming from. Some fans still want to hold on to the past and what they thought the new Star Wars should be while others are happy to see the saga go in a new direction.

One thing I think both fans and detractors of The Last Jedi can agree on is the fact that there's really no good reason for Admiral Holdo not to tell anyone about her plan to secretly escape to Crait under the radar. One simple mention of the possibility of a mole in the Resistance would be enough to fix the plot hole, but instead both she and Poe Dameron are responsible for creating one messy plan to stay alive and fight the First Order.