VOTD: 'Thor: Ragnarok' VFX Breakdown Highlights The Arrival Of Hela And Destruction Of Mjolnir

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Hopefully you've watched Thor: Ragnarok from the comfort of your home a few times now. The third installment of the Marvel Studios franchise defies the odds by actually being the best chapter of the god of thunder's trilogy, and it gets better and better each time you watch it.

There are plenty of special features taking you behind the scenes of the home video release, but a new Thor Ragnarok visual effects breakdown shows you some of the impressive digital work that you might not have even realized was done on the movie in post-production. In this case, the glimpse behind the scenes focuses on the scene where Cate Blanchett appears as Hela the goddess of death and destroys Thor's trusty hammer Mjolnir.

Watch the Thor Ragnarok Visual Effects Breakdown

This sequence is the scene as it was completed in reshoots as opposed to the original sequence that was teased in trailers that had this face off between Thor and Hela taking place in a city alley on Earth. Director Taika Waititi explained why the change was made from the original version of that sequence shortly after the movie was released.

It's fascinating to see that even though the location they shot on had plenty of natural environment to use for the sequence, plenty of visual effects created by Image Engine were required to make it feel a little more mystical and unique. Plus, plenty of digital work needed to be done to create the sight of lightning and power that Hela uses to destroy Mjolnir. I'll never get tired of seeing these scenes without visual effects, and it makes me wish we could see a cut of the movie without any visual effects.

Thor: Ragnarok is available on Blu-ray and DVD right now.