Hunt Easter Eggs In Ape Meets Girl And Vance Kelly's Prints For 'Anchorman', 'Reservoir Dogs' & More

Even though Easter may be over a week away, you can still have some fun hunting for Easter eggs thanks to the latest exhibition from Hero Complex Gallery.

A new show, aptly called Easter Eggs, brings together artists Ape Meets Girl (aka Kevin M. Wilson) and Vance Kelly for a little gallery featuring pieces that showcase a cavalcade or inside references to some of your favorite movies and TV shows. We exclusively debuted a couple pieces from this show earlier in the week, but now all of the pieces from the Hero Complex Gallery Easter Eggs art show are available online, including prints for Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Reservoir Dogs, Tombstone, The Crow, Planet of the Apes and more.

Here's a taste of the collection in the Hero Complex Gallery Easter Eggs art show:

As you can see, Ape Meets Girl delivered some outstanding, detailed work with plenty of Easter eggs to be found. The Spaceballs poster has Spaceballs: The Toilet Paper, the ring of the Schwartz, a jar of jam (probably raspberry) and a Yogurt doll all getting sucked up along with the film's title by Mega Maid.

Meanwhile, the Anchorman print has a model ship called Diversity, some Sex Panther cologne, some Great Odin's Raven whiskey and a hand grenade. But the Planet of the Apes print is a little more subtle and satisfying with all of the hidden apes appearing in the artwork.

Vance Kelly brought some incredible work to the gallery too with his richly drawn Reservoir Dogs piece, this time as an artist proof, featuring a special burger place just outside the window. Then there's that fantastic Tombstone screen print with metallic inks, and the fiery print for The Crow.

If you want details such as the edition size, measurements and cost of these prints, just head on over to Hero Complex Gallery's page for the Easter Eggs show for all the information. You'll also find some other pieces from Vance Kelly and Ape Meets Girl that you might have missed.