'Thor: Ragnarok' Honest Trailer: Probably The Best He-Man Movie We'll Ever Get

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Yesterday brought Thor: Ragnarok home on Blu-ray and DVD, which means we can watch the funniest Marvel Studios movie to date over and over again. Adding to the laughs is the Honest Trailer that doesn't really make fun of the movie so much as make some amusing observations about the characters and give Marvel some flack for not letting Edgar Wright do his thing with Ant-Man when they had the chance.

Watch the Thor Ragnarok Honest Trailer

Knowing what director Taika Waititi did with the mediocre Thor franchise, it makes me wish that we could see what Edgar Wright would have done with a superhero like Ant-Man. Maybe now that Thor: Ragnarok is a success they'll let directors play in their sandbox with a little more freedom instead of trying to make them fit their formula so strictly.

Speaking of formula, one of the jabs here taken at Thor: Ragnarok is the repetitive nature of action sequences in Marvel movies, in this case a scene featuring a character jumping out of a vehicle at high speeds and fighting on top of it.

However, I do have one bone to pick with this Honest Trailer and the fans who think they've found an inconsistency with a certain plot element. It's pointed out that even though Thor has the ability to summon lightning, he spends an awful lot of time getting electrocuted. But I'm not so sure those restraining devices are using electricity. They seem to effect his body biologically and not just shock him, even though that's what it sounds like. There's likely an explanation for this behind the scenes at Marvel.