Taika Waititi Hilariously Pitches A Vision And Scarlet Witch Romantic-Comedy

Now that Taika Waititi has given the once-somber Thor a jubilant, comedy-forward makeover, what Marvel character could be next? Of course, Marvel characters aren't lacking a funny bone — their tongue-in-cheek rapport is one of the foundations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But maybe there are a few sticks in the mud who could use a good Taika Waititi-style mockumentary.

Waititi's first choice: Vision.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Waititi was asked which Marvel character he would like to tackle next. "Well, obviously apart from Korg, I would love to see Vision," he responded seriously before the interview spiraled into one long hilarious bit. He continued:

"How about a mockumentary? What We Do in the Shadows meets a Vision movie. See what he gets up to, what it's like in his day-to-day life. I know what he does sometimes, he's cooking for Scarlet Witch. So he likes to cook."

The reporter suggests a rom-com between Vision and Scarlet Witch, to which Waititi widens his eyes and nods. "The poster would be them standing back-to-back" he excitedly declares, before getting into the pose himself, with the female reporter standing in for Scarlet Witch.

Waititi launches into a description of a rom-com that sounds like a cross between Four Christmases and every Katherine Heigl movie, putting on a dramatic grimace as he says, "I'm like the kind of happy-go-luck idiot who will never settle down, never get a job. And you're like 'business, business, business."

Then things take a turn for the weird:

"Then we realize because we're cojoined twins, it was never going to work. We were born attached at the back. It's not really a rom-com, it's more like a fam-com."

It's a fun bit, but it makes me a little sad that we'll probably never get to see a rom-com between Vision and Scarlet Witch apart from Vision's fuddy-duddy attempts to cook paprikash in Captain America: Civil War. Their story seems to be inevitably tied to tragedy, as Vision's dark scenes in Avengers: Infinity War forebode. Even in the comics, when they two get married and have a child, it transforms into one of the most twisted relationships in Marvel Comics history.

But you know what? A mockumentary short sounds like a great idea. Maybe Waititi was on to something. We can punctuate these inevitable tragic turns in Vision and Scarlet Witch's relationship with a mockumentary that shows them struggling to reconcile their blushing first feelings with Vision's unique anatomy. Bring back the One-Shot short films and put Taika Waititi in charge, is what I'm saying Marvel.

See Waititi's full hilarious exchange below:

Thor: Ragnarok will be available on Digital HD on February 20, 2018, and on Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand March 6, 2018.