Cool Stuff: Craig Drake Solo Show 4 Brings 'The Iron Giant', 'Royal Tenenbaums' & More

Craig Drake is one of our favorite artists paying tribute to our favorite movies and TV shows year after year, and he's also one of the few who can be relied upon to have a solo gallery exhibition every couple of years. This past weekend brought the Craig Drake Solo Show 4 to Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, including pieces paying tribute to The Iron Giant, Kill Bill, Gremlins, Suicide Squad, The Royal Tenenbaums, Ex Machina, Labyrinth, Spider-Man and more.

The entire collection of new work from Craig Drake is available for you to check out (and purchase) below.

Here are some of our favorite new pieces of Craig Drake artwork from his fourth solo show:

Craig Drake Artwork - Solo Show 4

Easily my favorite piece from this new batch of Craig Drake artwork is The Iron Giant print. It's available in three different versions, however, the foil variant is already sold out and the metal variant will cost you $300. Thankfully, the regular version has an edition of 500 for $60 and there are still plenty available.

In fact, nearly all of the new Craig Drake artwork featured above is still available for purchase with varying prices and edition sizes. You'll have to head on over to the Hero Complex Gallery website to see the whole collection and figure out if you want to buy any of the pieces. But one piece you won't find on sale is this one:

That's an original piece of artwork by Craig Drake. It's not a print, but the actual art. In fact, as of now there are no prints available of this particular piece. But we hope that Craig Drake eventually comes around to creating prints of this incredible Star Wars piece.