'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Character Names And Settings Revealed

After images of LEGO sets tied to this year's release of Solo: A Star Wars Story confirmed some key details about what we can expect from the Han Solo origin spin-off, a slew of new details have been confirmed from those same sets.

Though the original images of the LEGO box art featured the included minifigures, the low quality of the images didn't allow us to read the names of all the featured characters. However, a follow-up about the same images has confirmed the names of the characters and who is playing them in the movie. Find out all the Solo: A Star Wars Story character names below.

Jeremy Conrad on Reddit came through with confirmation of the character names and the corresponding cast members. Again, since the images this information comes from are unofficial leaks, you'll have to check them out over here for reference.Woody Harrelson previously revealed that his character's name was Beckett, and thanks to these LEGO sets we now know that his full name is Tobias Beckett. He's a mentor to Han Solo and presumably shapes him into the smuggler we came to love in Star Wars: A New Hope. What's interesting is which set Beckett is included with.

One of the LEGO sets revealed this morning was an Imperial TIE Fighter. The minifigures that come along with it include both Tobias Beckett and Han Solo in some kind of disguise. The post calls it an "Imperial disguise," but that doesn't appear to be noted on the box art. Does that mean these two are going to steal a TIE Fighter from the Empire? That would make for an interesting sequence.

Along with that TIE Fighter set comes an Imperial Pilot for the TIE Fighter and a soldier called Mimban Stormtrooper. That would seem to indicate that one of the settings we'll see in Solo: A Star Wars Story is Mimban, a planet that was previously mentioned on The Clone Wars that we've never been to in any of the live-action Star Wars movies.

Next up, we've learned Emilia Clarke's character is named Qi'Ra, which would explain why we kept hearing about the name "Kira" and "Kura" through various leaks that came out during production. She comes with the LEGO set of Han Solo's landspeeder along with the smuggler himself. In addition, they're accompanied by a Corellian hound, which likely means we'll be spending some time on Solo's home planet of Corellia.

Han Solo and Qi'Ra won't be alone on Corellia though, because one of the other sets is a different landspeeder that comes with minifigures for the characters Moloch and Rebolt. As we've learned before, Moloch (the masked character) is being played by stuntman Harley Durst while Rebolt is playing by Sing Street bully Ian Kenny. Considering they also come with Corellian hounds, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up in pursuit of Han and Qi'Ra on Corelia at some point in the movie, though we're not sure why.

Finally, new character names come from the LEGO minifigures included with the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon set. This includes possibly revealing Thandie Newton's character as Quay Tolsite (though we don't know who she is just yet, and honestly, we're not sure that's her under that get-up), as well as DD-BD, a droid played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. That set also includes Qi'Ra and a red Kessel Operations Droid along with our old buddies Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich), Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) and Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover).

With Emilia Clarke being included in both Han Solo's landspeeder set and the Millenium Falcon set, it appears that she spends a considerable amount of time with young Solo. Will she turn out to be his love interest, or could it be Thandie Newton's character? That's a detail we'll have to find out later.