2017 Black List Revealed: Here Are The Most Liked Unproduced Screenplays Of The Year

Like with many aspects of Hollywood and the film industry, you can't take the annual "Black List" too seriously. The survey of the "most liked" unproduced screenplays can be a valuable tool, a way for studios and filmmakers to discover talented writers and brilliant screenplays. It can also be political and silly, as a glance at previous years' lists can prove. But the fact remains that Black List movies have often been critical and financial juggernauts. Sometimes, this is a list of the best movies you'll see get made over the next few years. Sometimes.

The 2017 Black List has been revealed, so take a look at the titles and the attached talent. You may very well be seeing some of these movies realized on the big screen pretty soon.

But first: some statistics. Since the creation of the Black List in 2005 by development executive Franklin Leonard, more than 300 spotlighted films have been made, grossing $26 billion at the international box office and winning 50 Academy Awards. 10 of the past 20 Best Screenplay winners at the Oscars were featured on the Black List.

Previous Black List scripts include Adventureland, Prisoners, Whiplash, Spotlight, Zodiac, In Bruges, Juno, The Wolf of Wall Street, Looper, The Social Network, The Wrestler, Michael Clayton, Argo, The Prestige, There Will Be Blood, Inglourious Basterds, The King's Speech, Take This Waltz, Arrival, John Wick, Manchester by the Sea, and many, many more successful and acclaimed films. Last year's list included several noteworthy 2017 releases, including The Post and I, Tonya.

Past editions of the list have also included Hancock, Meet Dave, Transcendence, Dirty Grandpa, Abduction, Snow White and the Huntsman, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 47 Ronin, Yes Man, Passengers, Seven Pounds, and Dracula Untold. In other words, this list doesn't immediately equal quality, as "most liked" is purely subjective and it's very, very easy to screw up a good screenplay when you actually try to film it.

So, without further ado, here are the films featured on the the 2017 Black List. Let's see how many of them get made over the next few years.

All My Life by Todd Rosenberg

American Tabloid by Adam Morrison

Arc of Justice by Max Borenstein and Rodney Barnes

The Boxer by Justine Juel Gillmer

Ballerina by Shay Hatten

Bios by Craig Luck and Ivor Powell

Brosio by Mattson Tomlin

Breaking News in Yuba County by Amanda Idoko

Call Jane by Hayley Schore and Roshan Sethi

Cancer Inc by Marc Macaluso

Come As You Are by Zach Baylin

Daddio by Christy Hall

Don't Be Evil by Gabriel Diani, Etta Devine and Evan Bates

Dorothy & Alice by Justin Merz

Escape by JD Payne & Patrick McKay

Escape from the North Pole by Paul Laudiero & Ben Baker

The Expansion Project by Leo Sardarian

The Fifth Nixon by Sharon Hoffman

Fubar by Brent Hyman

Gadabout by Ross Evans

George by Jeremy Michael Cohen

The Great Nothing by Cesar Vitale

Green Rush by Matt Tente

Greenland by Chris Sparling

The Grown Up, by Natalie Krinsky

Hack by Mike Schneider

Health and Wellness by Joe Epstein

The Heart of the Beast by Cameron Alexander

Hughes by Andrew Rothschild

Infinite by Ian Shorr

Innocent Monsters by Elaina Perpelitt

Jellyfish Summer by Sarah Jane inwards

Jihotties by Molly Prather

Kate by Umair Aleem

Keeper of the Diary by Evan Kilgore and Samuel V. Franco

Key of Genius by Daniel Persitz and Devon Kliger

Kill Shelter by Eric Beu and Greg Martin

The Kingbreaker by Andrew Bozalis and Derek Mether

Let Her Speak by Mario Correa

Liberation by Darby Kealy

Little Boy by Hayley Schore & Roshan Sethi

Lionhunters by Will Beall

The Lodge by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know by Jade Bartlett

The Man from Tomorrow by Jordan Barel

Meat by Logan Martin

The Mother by Misha Green

Moxie by Heather Quinn

Newsflash by Ben Jacoby

On by Ryan Jennifer Jones

One Thousand Paper Cranes by Ben Bolea

The Other Lamb by Catherine S. McMullen

Panopticon by Emily Jerome

The Poison Squad by Dreux Moreland and Joey DePaolo

Power by Mattson Tomlin

The Prospect by Ben Epstein

Queen Elizabeth by Shatara Michelle Ford

Rodney & Sheryl by Ian MacAllister-McDonald

Ruin by Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo

Ruthless by John Swetnam

The Savoirs by Travis Betz and Kevin Hamedani

Skyward by Joe Ballarini

Sleep Well Tonight by Freddie Skov

The Sleepover by Sarah Rothschild

Social Justice Warrior by Emma Fletcher & Brett Weiner

Strongman by Nicholas Jacobson-Larson & Dalton Leeb

The Thing About Jellyfish by Molly Smith Metzler

This Is Jane by Dan Loflin

Trapline by Brett Treacy and Dan Woodward

V.I.N. by Chiara Towne

Valedictorian by Cosmo Carlson

When in Doubt, Seduce by Allie Hagan

When Lightning Strikes by Anna Klassen

Where I End by Imran Zaidi

The White Devils by Leon Hedrix III

Wyler by Michael Moskowitz