Cool Stuff: Movie Card Game Cinelinx Needs Help To Make Two New Expansion Packs

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If you've been reading /Film for a few years, you might remember us touting a cool movie card game called Cinelinx. The game featured 220 cards that have either actors names, directors names, movie titles, scenes, quotes, or genres on them, and players had to figure out how to create links between them with the cards in their hands. It was a successful Kickstarter campaign that resulted in the game getting produced, and now the creators are looking to keep the fun going with two new expansion packs.

Cinelinx has started a new Kickstarter campaign to fund two new expansion packs, The 80s and Blockbusters 1970s-2017, each with 54 new cards that tie into the original game. The pledge to back the expansion packs and get your own for helping push the project forward is pretty cheap too, so find out how you can support the project below.

Here's the Cinelinx expansion packs video to let everyone in on what they're supporting:

Cinelinx has released a few expansion packs for the original game already, as well as an online version of the game that you can play on mobile devices. It's a challenging game best played with your biggest cinephile friends, but it's always a blast.

For these two latest expansions, the creators are looking for $6,500, all of which will be used to print and ship the cards to backers, and they only have 12 more days to get it. If you want both decks, you just have to pledge $20. Beyond that, if you pledge more, then you get a bonus mini-expansion that will only ever be available to project backers. There were some early bird rewards that allowed you to get a custom card, but those are already gone.

If you've never played Cinelinx, we recommend picking it up or at the very least asking for it on your Christmas list.