'Justice League' Originally Featured Superman's Black Suit, But Gave Us That Weird CGI Face Instead

At this point, it's safe to say Justice League is a misfire. Critics didn't care for it, it underperformed at the box office to the point that it's caused a shake-up behind the scenes at Warner Bros., and all anyone wanted to talk about was Henry Cavill's weird CGI face hiding his mustache. As rumors abound about deleted scenes, cinematographer Fabian Wagner confirms that the film originally featured Superman black suit scenes, recalling the outfit used for Superman's resurrection in the comic books following The Death of Superman arc. At some point, this idea got scrapped. Sorry, everyone. More details about the Superman black suit in Justice League are below. 

As I sat in the theater watching Justice League, only one thought came to mind: "The only thing that could improve this movie would be a scene where Superman shows up wearing a black suit instead of his traditional blue one." Okay, I'm lying, I didn't think that at all. But some hardcore Superman fans had long hoped that when Henry Cavill's Man of Steel returned from the grave, he'd slap on the famous black suit that appeared one point in the comics. And it seems this wasn't just a fan dream: scenes involving the Superman's black suit were actually filmed. At least that's what Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner claims. Speaking with The Inverse, Wagner said "There were [scenes shot]...It's a cool looking costume. Sadly, we didn't see that either in the final cut."

Superman's black suit has a basis in the comics. After the character returned from the dead as part of the Death of Superman arc, he adopted a cape-free black suit with a big silver shield. He also let his hair grow wild and long, because when you come back from the dead you're allowed to get a little carefree. Here's an image that confirms all these silly things I'm saying:


Alas, Superman's black suit was just not to be. It ended up on the digital cutting room floor, like apparently so many other scenes did. As Wagner also confirms (and what everyone knows by this point): there are "quite a few scenes" that didn't make it into the theatrical cut of Justice League, and that reshoots drastically altered the film over time. I'm sure there are plenty of Superman fans who bemoaning this news, but if you honestly think a scene giving Superman a different suit would've improved Justice League, I don't really know what to tell you. The film had plenty of problems, but Superman's costume wasn't one of them. That said, maybe the scenes with Superman's black suit will turn up on the Blu-ray release and give fans the alternate costuming they crave.