Does 'Jurassic Park' Have 'The Goonies' Wardrobe Easter Eggs Hidden In Plain Sight?

It's been 24 years since Jurassic Park hit theaters, and while the movie has been examined in-depth over and over again plenty of times since then, it appears one possible Easter egg may have gone unnoticed until now.

In Jurassic Park, Seinfeld star Wayne Knight plays the sneaky, weasel of a Jurassic Park employee named Dennis Nedry who is being paid millions to steal dinosaur embryos so an unknown competitor could create their own dinosaurs. It turns out that in addition to concealing dinosaur embryos in a faux shaving cream can, he may also be the source of a Easter egg hiding in plain sight referencing the Steven Spielberg project The Goonies.

Find out about the Jurassic Park Goonies Easter egg below.

Reddit user Jamie Heidt made this shocking observation while watching Jurassic Park:

Jurassic Park Goonies Easter egg

There's no way that this is just a coincidence. Three of the outfits worn by Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park are almost exactly the same as Mikey, Mouth, and Chunk in The Goonies. Either Steven Spielberg decided to sneak in a clever reference to the movie he produced back in 1985 or the costume designers on Jurassic Park wanted to make a subtle nod to the family adventure movie.

Here's hoping that we'll be able to get confirmation about this possible Easter egg sometime soon. In the meantime, it might be a good idea to start scouring all of Steven Spielberg's other movies to see if there are any other references like this waiting to be discovered.

Do you think this is an intentional Easter egg or just a strange coincidence?