Edgar Wright Lists His Favorite Horror Movies Just In Time For Halloween

Bust out the candy corn – it's almost Halloween. Nothing goes better with everyone's favorite spooky holiday than a plethora of horror movies, and if you're having trouble deciding just what to watch, filmmaker Edgar Wright has you covered. The Shaun of the Dead director recently unveiled his personal list of 100 favorite horror movies. It's a great collection, perfect not just for Halloween, but for whenever the mood to watch a good horror movie strikes you. Get more info on Edgar Wright's favorite horror movies below!

Last year, Baby Driver director Edgar Wright contributed a list of his 1000 favorite movies to Mubi, and now he's at it again. In honor of Halloween, Wright has put together his 100 favorite horror movies. There are some titles on the list which you'd expect to see on any favorite horror movie list – Rosemary's BabyThe Texas Chainsaw MassacreNosferatu and of course, Halloween. But there are also some deep cuts on here, like Bill Paxton's criminally under-seen Frailty, and also a few unexpected picks, like the 2008 killer plant movie The Ruins. Here's what Wright had to say about his list:

"Here, for Halloween, is a chronological list of my favorite horror movies. It's not in any way an official best of list and merely represents my tastes at the moment. So if you feel something is missing – MAKE YOUR OWN LIST.

To be honest it was very tough to whittle down to 100 and thus a lot of 'thrillers' that I love did not make it – Se7en, The Vanishing, Manhunter, Silence Of The Lambs, as well as some science fiction films and allegorical movies (the fantastic 'Spirit Of The Beehive.' ) But rest assured you can find them all on my 1000 (!) fav movies list.

Either way, there's lots to enjoy on this list of 100 bloody great horrors from all over the world. Enjoy."

The most important bit of info in Wright's statement is his all-caps cry of MAKE YOUR OWN LIST. As someone who has written many film-related lists myself, I can't tell you how maddening it is when someone comments with "How could you leave INSERT MOVIE TITLE HERE off the list?!" Lists like this are personal preferences, folks! There's no right or wrong answer. Another thing to keep in mind with Wright's list: it's arranged chronologically by release date, so please reserve your outrage comments of "How can he like this movie more than that one?!"

Wright isn't the only filmmaker getting in on the favorite horror movie list action for Halloween. Recently, Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither director James Gunn unleashed his own list of his top 50 horror films. So you have plenty of options!