'Snake Outta Compton' Trailer: That Title Makes Any Description Redundant, Really

Look. The title of Snake Outta Compton is either going to wrinkle your nose like you just smelled something rotten or turn the ends of your mouth upwards ever-so-slightly because you can't help but admire this kind of audacious lunacy. I find myself in the latter camp but won't deny anyone the chance to take one look at the movie and flee. That's okay. The rest of us will hang out here and watch the Snake Outta Compton trailer – which features a giant snake terrorizing Compton, of course – and anticipate its ultra-low budget B-movie pleasures.

What the hell is this movie? Well, it's about a rap group in Compton, California who are this close to achieving their big break when a giant mutant snake begins running amuck, eating people and growing larger and smashing buildings. You know, as snakes do. Will these plucky young guys team up with two corrupt cops and the scientist/idiot who mutated the snake to save the day? You bet your ass.

Snake Outta Compton Trailer

The title alone should tell you that this movie is very much in on the joke and the trailer follows through nicely. This looks very silly and very cheap and very, very aware of what it is. Honestly, this looks like more of an intentional comedy than other "giant; poorly CGI'd monsters wreck the neighborhood" movies, which could make all the difference in the world. And unlike the abysmal likes of Sharknado, which is crass and ugly and built entirely on manufacturing ways for you to laugh at the movie, Snake Outta Compton looks honest about its silliness. It's a ridiculous thing, albeit a ridiculous thing that made me smile instead of sigh. This is a movie where the mad scientist looks like he walked off the set of Family Matters. It gets its own joke.

In fact, this trailer reminded me very much of Big Ass Spider, an extremely low budget creature from a few years back that made up for its lack of polish with personality alone. It's not a movie for people who like genuinely excellent and coherent films that stand up to scrutiny, but it is a movie for people who enjoy bizarre, outlandish passion projects from people toiling away in the B-movie realm and doing everything they can to get movie websites to write up their trailers. You know, like titling their projects Big Ass Spider. And Snake Outta Compton.

Snake Outta Compton could be terrible. It could be unwatchable garbage. But it could also be the kind of silly romp I find myself half-defending on the internet, visions of B-movies past swimming in my head. We'll know for sure when the film arrives at some point next year.