'Blade Runner' Honest Trailer: Rain, Cigarettes, Hookers And Stuff

With the first screenings of Blade Runner 2049 hitting theaters for sneak previews this evening, plenty of viewers who never went out of their way to watch the original 1982 sci-fi noir that came before are catching up with Ridley Scott's masterful, visual marvel. So it's the perfect time to make fun of it.

Blade Runner was pretty much a bomb when it hit the box office 25 years ago, making only $6 million in its opening weekend and only became a classic when critics and scholars started taking a closer look at the film's seamless blend of science fiction and film noir, strengthened by a thoughtful, provocative look at our possible future. But it's not without plenty of details that are ripe for the mocking in the latest Honest Trailer.

Watch the Blade Runner Honest Trailer below.

Blade Runner is undoubtedly a slow burn, but that's certainly part of its appeal. It's not overly preoccupied with solving the primary mystery, it's not trying to be a blockbuster adventure, and it's certainly not going out of its way to force a lot of thrills. Instead, this is a cerebral story that asks some important philosophical questions about this possible future of ours.

At the same time, the movie has become a little problematic over the years. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford)  may have some conflicted feelings about killing replicants, but he appears to have no problems coercing Rachael into sleeping with him. Also, holy shit, I never realized that M. Sean Young played by Rachael in Blade Runner and Lieutenant Einhorn in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I'm gonna need to lie down for a bit.