The Morning Watch: The Bad Thing About 'Groundhog Day', Jim Carrey Gets Existential & More

(The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.)

In this edition, learn about the one bad thing that came from the making of Groundhog Day. Plus, watch as Jim Carrey gets a little existential during a New York Fashion Week red carpet interview gone astray and see The Muppets perform "Rainbow Connection" live at The Hollywood Bowl.

First up, Cracked recounts how the making of Groundhog Day ended up creating a rift between comedy collaborators and longtime friends Bill Murray and the late Harold Ramis. Though they ended up making one of the best comedies of all time, their bad experience working together this final time ensured they would never work together on another movie together ever again.

Next up, we recently learned that Jim Carrey is quite the painter, and he has some abstract thoughts about art and his relationship with it. However, a recent interview with E! News with the actor at New York Fashion Week showed just how existential the actor has become when it comes to thinking about the world and our place in it, or maybe lack thereof. It would be shortsighted to say Jim Carrey is getting a little loony, but he certainly seems to caring less and less about superficial nonsense like this.

Finally, if you're looking for a sweet way to start your week, check out this live performance from the cast of The Muppets. All your favorite Jim Henson creations sing Kermit the Frog's signature rendition of "Rainbow Connection" accompanied by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Wilkins, at The Hollywood Bowl on September 8, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.