'Kong: Skull Island' Honest Trailer: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Mocks His Own Movie This Time

Not too long ago, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts went on a lengthy rant about the sin against cinema that is Cinema Sins and their ongoing "Everything Wrong with..." web series that puts together painfully long videos that attempt to be clever while pointing out all the things that are "wrong" with big Hollywood movies. We were happy to feature the entire rant with the director's permission because Cinema Sins is not the satire it claims to be and we'd all be better off without them.

Since then, fans have been waiting to see what Jordan Vogt-Roberts would do when Screen Junkies tackled Kong: Skull Island. But they might be surprised to hear that rather than taking offense to the fun that Honest Trailers brings to the table when mocking movies, the director actually gets in on the fun, takes over the Kong Skull Island Honest Trailer, and bashes his own movie to a pulp. Find out what the director himself says is wrong with Kong below.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts doesn't pull any punches and points out some big flaws in his movie, such as spending the entire first act getting the ensemble cast together to go to Skull Island only to separate them into smaller groups again once they get there. But one problem that he will not admit to is the presence of what some perceive to be as too many helicopters.

And just to get in one last dig at Cinema Sins, the alternate title that Honest Trailers gives to the movie is Everything Kong with Skull Island in 120 Minutes or Less. Take that, Cinema Sins.