POTD: Charlie Sheen Reveals A 'Major League' Reunion At The 'Field Of Dreams'

Just a few months ago, we heard Charlie Sheen was still hoping to return as Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn and get back in the dugout with his old Cleveland Indians gang for Major League 3. Since then, we haven't heard anything about an real development on the project that has supposedly been in the works for years, but there was a little Major League reunion that happened this past weekend that should make fans simultaneously happy and also aware that time is a cruel mistress.

In Iowa, there's a celebrity softball game, meet and greet, and more that takes place at the real Field of Dreams from the movie of the same name starring Kevin Costner. Typically, the celebrities are former baseball players participating in the game, as well as Q&A sessions and autograph signings. But this year, MAB Celebrity Services and Prince Marketing Group rounded up Major League stars Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen and Tom Berenger for a photo session, and you can get a glimpse at the gang below.

Charlie Sheen posted the Major League reunion photo on Twitter this weekend, but has since deleted it for some reason:

Major League Reunion

Perhaps he deleted it because the response from the internet was less than favorable after seeing how all three of the actors have aged in the 28 years since Major League was first release. Personally, I feel like you gotta cut them some slack when almost three decades have passed since all of the actors were in their prime. Charlie Sheen just turned 52 on September 3 this past weekend while Corbin Bersnen is about to turn 63 on September 7. Meanwhile, Tom Berenger just turned 68 this year. So of course they're not going to look their best.

The downside is that, even though the actors are aging as all of us will over the years, the fact that they're starting to show it more means it will be unlikely these guys get together for Major League 3, unless it takes place in a prison (I'd watch that), or there's some kind of strike (a la The Replacements), or the players pass the torch and become coaches. Either way, TMZ has more photos showing the trio having a good time meeting fans at the Field of Dreams event, and that's all that matters.