Cool Stuff: Scratch-Off Movie Poster Tracks Which 100 Essential Movies You've Seen

If you're the kind of person who loves movies and scratch-off lottery tickets, then we have a cool little item that sits right in the middle of that specific Venn diagram.

Pop Chart Lab has created a scratch-off movie poster that allows you to track how many of the "100 Essential Films" you've seen on the poster, ranging from Taxi Driver to The Matrix and a bunch of classics in between. Once you've seen a movie, just scratch it off like a lottery ticket to reveal the hidden image.

Here's a before and after image to show you how it looks with and without the scratch-off material:

Scratch-Off Movie Poster

The poster looks good enough with all the scratch-off material intact, but the images revealed after you scratch that stuff off are also extremely cool. If you're the kind of person who will just scratch them all off even if you haven't seen the movie, beware that some of the images have spoilers. I'm not sure why anyone would do that, but there's a lot of weird people out there.

By the way, for those curious, that scratch-off material is actually UV ink. Not to be confused with ink that can only be seen under UV light, this UV ink is a mixture of colored monomers and oligomers that form a viscous liquid and become both the pigment and solvent of a conventional ink. When they're exposed to UV light, polymerization takes place and creates a solid plastic-like layer, and that's what you scratch off. You learn something new everyday, right?

You can pick up the scratch-off movie poster over at Pop Chart Lab for $35 right now.