New 'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Trailer Makes Yoda A Pilot In A Massive Space Battle

With no full theatrical trailer released yet for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Force Friday II under two weeks away, Star Wars fans are hungry to any new details they can get about the sequel hitting theaters in December. In the meantime, how about we whet your appetite with a new look at another anticipated Star Wars sequel?

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming to shelves one month before Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters, and as we've seen in the trailers for the video game sequel, it will span all eras of Star Wars movies, creating scenarios that we've never seen certain characters in before. For example, a new Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer shows off the space battle gameplay, and it features Yoda piloting a starfighter in the middle of an epic space battle.

What's awesome about this trailer is how it seamlessly moves between the various settings and eras of Star Wars by following some ships as they move from one era into the next. But mostly, it's a showcase for all the ships, characters and locations we'll be visiting.

There's Poe Dameron and his X-wing squadron battling a Resurgent Star Destroyer from The Force Awakens in the Unknown Regions (blink and you'll miss Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer flying at the camera before the game company credits). Another X-wing squadron takes on TIE Fighters in the middle of a slew of Death Star debris floating around Endor after the events of Return of the Jedi. Darth Vader sits in his TIE Fighter picking off Rebels above Fondor, an Imperial shipyard.

Then we head into prequel territory with some ARC-170 fighters, the predecessors to X-wings, face some droid fighters and a Lucrehulk Battleship above Ryloth. Darth Maul zooms between the research outpost structures of Kamino in his Sith Interceptor while Yoda is in hot pursuit in his own Jedi starfighter behind him.

It's pretty intense, and the starfighter assault gameplay looks phenomenal, giving fans battles that would never be possible in Star Wars movies or TV shows. That's a big part of what makes a game like Star Wars Battlefront 2 so much fun, especially with the improvements that have been made after the first game had some shortcomings that disappointed fans.

If you want to see more from the starfighter assault portion of Star Wars Battlefront 2, there will be more revealed during Gamescom next week. You can check that our during an EA livestream happening on Monday, August 21 at 12:30pm ET at EA's official site.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 17, 2017.