'Alien: Covenant' Honest Trailer: Save The Android Poetry For 'Blade Runner'

This summer brought us Alien: Covenant, but so much time has passed, so many movies have come out since then, and the movie was so subpar that it feels like it could have been years ago. While the movie attempted to get back to the roots of the Alien franchise with a parade of blood and gore brought on by new creatures called neomorphs, which are merely predecessors to xenomorphs, it also went back to the freshman philosophy class roots of Prometheus, making for one confused sci-fi story.

The Alien: Covenant Honest Trailer doesn't pull any punches when it comes to poking fun at director Ridley Scott's latest film, including calling him both one of the greatest and one of the worst filmmakers of our time. And that's just the beginning.

In addition to throwing shade at director Ridley Scott, the Alien: Covenant Honest Trailer can't help but point out the fact that not only are the crew members of this new ship almost completely forgettable (unlike the first two Alien films), but that they're somehow more stupid than the crew of Prometheus. They're so dumb that it's proposed that maybe this crew isn't composed of colonists and scientists, but just the world's biggest idiots being deported through some kind of program in disguise.

But perhaps the most amusing riff is the talk of all the flute playing that happens between both of the android characters that Michael Fassbender play, including one quick giggle at a line that definitely sounds both awkward and menacing coming out of Fassbender's mouth.

Despite all these bad things being said about Alien: Covenant, there are those who think that the movie has plenty of redeeming qualities, so much that respected film critic and author Matt Zoller Seitz recently wrote on Twitter, "I feel confident Alien: Covenant is another Blade Runner or Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. Meaning 10 years after its release, a positive consensus will form." We'll just have to wait a decade to find out.