Does Our First Look At Cable Hint At Part Of The 'Deadpool 2' Story?

We're still in the dark about what Ryan Reynolds' motor-mouthed mercenary will be up to in Deadpool 2, but there may be a clue buried in the new photos of some of his fellow mutants. We know Atlanta's Zazie Beetz is playing an assassin named Domino, and Josh Brolin (Avengers: Infinity War) is suiting up as the time-traveling badass Cable, but the recently-released first look photos of Cable just might hint at an aspect of the story we could see play out, and it involves Cable's surrogate daughter, Hope Summers.

Read our Deadpool 2 Hope Summers speculation below.

In one of the photos of Brolin's Cable that went online yesterday, you can see a teddy bear hanging from the warrior's hip, which seems incongruous with all of the weaponry he's otherwise loaded up with:

As if Cable's own origins weren't complicated enough (he's a time-traveler who lives in the future but is the son of Scott Summers, aka X-Men member Cyclops, and a clone of Jean Grey), Hope Summers' origins are even more convoluted. In the comics, Hope was the first mutant baby born after Scarlet Witch decimated the world's mutant population, and Cable was tasked with protecting her. He viewed Hope as something of a messiah figure who was supposedly destined to save both mutants and humans. But others swore she would become evil and light the spark that caused an all-out war between mutants and humans. Bishop, in particular, had a good case for believing that version of events: he was born in a timeline in which Hope did exactly that, which resulted in a new era of mutant persecution. Cable took Hope to the future to protect her, but Bishop tracked them and attempted to kill Hope to prevent his timeline from ever existing.

That's just a small part of her origin. There's more, involving Cable getting married and eventually naming Hope after her surrogate mother, an alien race of insect creatures, and Bishop destroying every continent on Earth except for North America in order to more easily locate Hope so he could kill her (which, while obviously heartless and evil, sounds like a pretty smart plan). But let's get real – there's no way all of that will make it into this movie. However, the presence of the teddy bear in that photo may indicate that Hope will play a role in Deadpool 2 – why else would Cable be wearing it? Again, her storyline is far too complex to fit into a single movie – especially one that's ostensibly centered around an entirely different character – but perhaps referencing it will serve to humanize Cable, who is said to be the stoic foil for Deadpool's fast-talking antics. And maybe it'll serve as a jumping-off point for a storyline that could be further explored in that X-Force movie, which Deadpool 2 is supposed to set up.

If the teddy bear wasn't enough to convince you, maybe this screenshot from the Deadpool 2 teaser will. Notice the name on that phone booth?

Deadpool Hope phone booth

Sure, that could just be a coincidence, but it's a lot more fun to speculate about what Hope Summers' involvement might mean for this movie. What do you think?

Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on June 1, 2018.