'Memento' Honest Trailer: The Memory Mockery Unfolds In Reverse

With Dunkirk hitting theaters this weekend, everyone is talking about the filmography of director Christopher Nolan. That's why Screen Junkies has taken aim at the filmmaker's breakthrough film Memento for their latest edition of Honest Trailers, and they've taken a cue from the narrative style of the film to structure their video.

Watch the Memento Honest Trailer down below.

That's right, the Memento Honest Trailer is playing backwards. Well, it's not really playing backwards since, but rather it's been edited in such a way that it the pieces of the Honest Trailer unfold backwards, with the Honest Trailer logo appearing at the end and the usual "Starring..." line-up of jokes showing up right at the beginning. It's a clever touch to spice up the Honest Trailers formula.

Though Memento is quite the enthralling movie, it's not without some traits that the folks at Honest Trailers have some fun discussing, including the fact that everyone in Memento is lying to Leonard, including himself. Plus, they do pose the important question of how Leonard remembers to dye his hair since he can't seem to remember anything else in his life.

Plus, the most important observation in this Honest Trailer is that a very similar story unfolded six years earlier with the poorly received comedy Clean Slate starring Dana Carvey. Since Christopher Nolan is a big comedy nerd, maybe he saw it and decided that he could do a much better job. Even if that wasn't the catalyst for Memento, we're glad that Christopher Nolan made it.