See The 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer Recreated On An Apple II Computer From 1984

Fans are patiently waiting for a new trailer to satisfy their appetites for more footage from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Not only have we only see one teaser trailer so far, but we're going to need something exciting to take our mind off the worrisome production of the Han Solo spin-off that is currently waiting to restart production with Ron Howard behind the camera, replacing the fired duo of Phil Lord & Chris Miller.

Helping to hold us over, we've gotten an 8-bit version of the quick trailer (or more accurately a 16-bit trailer) that debuted back in April at Star Wars Celebration, and now we have another interesting recreation of the teaser. New York City-based artist Wahyu Ichwandardi has used an Apple II computer from 1984 to create an 8-bit version of the trailer that is composed of 288 images that were transferred onto 48 individual floppy disks before being put into the video format you can watch below.

Here's the Star Wars The Last Jedi 8-bit trailer from the artist himself:

So how did Wahyu Ichwandardi create this on a 33-year old computer? In order to draw the layers for animation, he had to draw each of them by hand by way of plastic sheets that were held over the monitor for him to trace each from from the trailer. He did this by using the KoalaPad from the 1980s and an old bitmap paint program called Dazzle Draw. Here's a look at his process for recreating the trailer (via Mashable):

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— Pinot (@pinotski) June 26, 2017

That's pretty damn cool. Even if you're not a computer nerd, it's cool to see images like this created on such an old machine. It just goes to show you how far we've come with computer graphics technology in a relatively short period of time. Now if we could just get a new Star Wars trailer for this guy to recreate, that would be awesome.