Watch All The Shameless Product Placement In Michael Bay Movies

Since the Transformers franchise is based on a toy created by Hasbro, the movies themselves are basically giant commercials meant to sell action figures to kids and cars to adults. But even beyond that obvious use of product placement, there is still much more shameless and egregious wedging in of brand name products right in front of Michael Bay's camera.

Funnily enough, Michael Bay was a commercial director before he became the blockbuster filmmaker who loves to blow shit up on the big screen. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to see that all of Michael Bay's movies are full of product placement, and a new video attempts to point out every single instance of such commercial activity in a new video.

Watch the round-up of product placement in Michael Bay movies below and try not to buy stuff because of it.

Some of the moments of product placement pointed out in the video don't seem intentional. For example, seeing Capital Bank and MetLife on skyscrapers who always have those names on them is more of a side effect of the location than genuine production placement. But the Mountain Dew vending machine and Xbox 360 that turn into a Transformers is certainly evidence of Michael Bay's production placement in action.

It should come as no surprise that the product placement got more rampant and shamless as Michael Bay became a more established filmmaker directing bigger budget movies. It really kicks into another level in Bay Boys II, gets significantly worse in The Island and goes off the charts with the Transformers franchise. At this rate, Michael Bay will be directing movies where each shot is a commercial for 20 different products.